Amateur Radio in America's Paradise


I have always had a love of QSLs and QSLing. I enjoy the individual works of art adorned with QSO information and callsigns. If you send me a paper QSL, you WILL get one in return, provided you follow these simple methods.

My logs are regularly uploaded to LotW. NOTE: I do not use eQSL. Please don't ask me. 

Paper QSLs are sent and received through the Bureau, as well as direct. 

I do, however, have a few requirements for direct QSLs:

  • DO include an Self Addressed Envelope. 
  • SAEs are mandatory for everyone. 
  • Self Addressed STAMPED Envelopes are mandatory for USA stations (USVI uses regular US postage, so you statesiders get an easy QSL with a Forever stamp!). 
  • SASEs are recommended for everyone if you can get US postage in your country (US$1.10 as of 27 JAN 2013). 
  • If I have to use my own envelope your response goes to the back of the line, and I will not reply without an envelope. 
Envelopes are necessary because the US Postal Service prints bar codes all over everything, and there's no point to a QSL ruined with bar codes. 
  • DO include a couple of "green stamps" if you're not from the USA and you can't get USA postage for an SASE. QSLing is expensive, so your green stamps are appreciated if you can't get US postage. Please no IRCs - the local postal employees don't know how to handle them.
  • DON'T put callsigns on envelopes with cash money inside. A callsign on an envelope is a dead give-away that there's something inside to steal. The goes for return envelopes, too. Sad to say, but some postal employees are less than honest.

If you followed all of my QSL procedures and didn't get a card in return, it's because you're not in my log.  Please check Clublog to ensure you're actually in my log. If your call doesn't show up there, don't bother sending a card, because you're not in my log (all - 100% - of my QSOs are logged and recorded in Clublog). 

Finally, I've been getting a distressingly high number of improperly-completed cards.  Please ensure your card is properly completed with the required data before sending.  It pains me to say it, but I have better things to do than spelunk through my log to find you when you wrote local instead of UTC for the QSO time on your card.  If you can't be bothered to fill out the card correctly, I return the "courtesy" - I can't be bothered, either.  You'll be NIL.

I feel bad about posting QSL requirements, but I get a LOT of cards. It would be impossible to keep up without these requirements (as well as prohibitively expensive). I really, really appreciate your understanding.