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CQWW SSB 2013...

Posted by R P Davis on November 4, 2013 at 6:25 AM

...has come and gone. Here's the rundown:

Call: WP2XX
Operator(s): WP2XX
Station: NP2X

Class: SOAB(A) HP
QTH: St Croix, USVI
Operating Time (hrs): 36.5
Location: Other North America

Total:4202130344Total Score4,579,788


Worked this one from the station of Fred, K9VV/NP2X. Since he and his wife were off-island all weekend, I went from barefoot-and-vertical to kilowatt and tribander. Thanks to Fred and Lisa for their hospitality! Imagine what this station will sound like with monobanders. ;)


WOW. I mean, WOW. Fantastic weekend, fabulous conditions, and just general Awesome slathered Win and dusted with sparkles. Personal best single-op effort.



Went assisted but shouldn't have, as the station computer took a dump before the test so I had no rig control. Because of that, Point-and-shoot insta-mult wasn't on the table. But it's all good. I could still see where the mults were hiding, so it helped.


This was the longest I've spent in the chair for a 48-hour contest, too. I'm tired, but it feels good.


Low bands were "Meh", partly because the high bands were so spectacular and partly because 250w into a vertical on 40m isn't helping. I should have taken an hour on Saturday to drop the 75m dipole and string a 40m inverted-Vee beneath it, but didn't even think about it until this morning.


Highlights, in no particular order:


Getting called by KC4AAN with something like 8 minutes left to play on 20. Never worked Antarctica before. I wanted to ask him if they found the other Stargate yet - that's how punch-drunk I was.


Having my pileup *pause itself* so I could work the HS0 who I couldn't hear trough the wall of USA. Seriously. Guy called me, got the Q, then observed there's an HS calling. Before I could key, the pile went silent. In fact, except for a couple of exceptions my piles were very orderly indeed all weekend.


Speaking of pileups, W3KB maliciously spotting me so he could listen to the pileup go from "a couple of guys" to "FREAKING APESH!T" with a click of his mouse. 8)


Getting lots of unsolicited positive comments on my transmitted audio. One fellow even recorded me and emailed it. Cool. 


Thanks to all the FRC guys who called. In fact, FRC calls figure largely in the first ten minutes of my log. Which is cool. One of my sole regrets about moving to USVI full-time is that FRC can no longer have my single-op points for the Club competition.

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