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Antenna Farm

Posted by R P Davis on March 12, 2013 at 3:20 PM Comments comments (0)

So I added a new antenna over the weekend!

My friend Fred, K9VV/NP2X had a spare Hustler 4BTV in his aluminum pile, so he loaned it to me.  

It's installed about 15 feet up, on the stainless-steel railing of our second-floor balcony.  Tuned radials are coming off it and trailing down to trees along the western property line.

The other aerial is here:

It's a wire ground plane cut for 30 meters with one relatively vertical wire and two "radials".  Fed with 450-ohm ladder-line through my SGC coupler under the pool deck, it tunes 80 through 10 meters, though it performs better on some bands than others.  I highlighted the wires with red lines for clarity.

Being right next to the salt water does wonders for my signals.  I'll be comparing the sigs between the GP and the 4BTV over the coming weeks to see how each plays.